Dental Bridges Restore Beautiful Smiles 

An excellent solution to restore missing teeth is through the use of a dental bridge. Your healthy, existing teeth are utilized in the creation of a dental bridge to fill in the missing tooth. Dental bridges are made of gold, metal or porcelain to ensure that they are reliable and long-term solutions.

The dental bridge creation process starts with sculpting abutments, fittings, and impressions that are carefully sculpted to match as close as possible to blend with your existing natural teeth. A mold is made and sent to a lab where the pontic, replacement tooth is created. The result is a prosthetic tooth attached to your existing teeth and a fully restored bright new smile.

A custom temporary bridge will be constructed for you during the waiting time for the lab to make your brand new permanent dental bridge. The temporary bridge will protect the sculpted abutment and exposed gum areas and a more pleasing look rather than a missing tooth. After the permanent dental bridge is made during your follow up visit to set your new dental bridge, it will be adhered to the abutments with an adhesive to ensure that the new dental bridge is completely set. There might be a brief period of adjustment while you get used to your new bridge, in a few days, though, it will feel like having your own teeth again. At first, it is wise just to have soft foods during the healing time. After this initial adjustment phase has passed, you will be able to eat anything you want without issues.

If you happen to be missing a tooth, you should consider strongly the idea of having it replaced. Not only is it aesthetically a disadvantage, but it can also cause changes structurally to your jaw and mouth and make it difficult to speak or eat properly. 

Dental Crowns and Bridges - Naples FL Dentist

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