Dental Crowns Repair Cracked Teeth and Restore Your Smile 

Dental Crowns - Naples FL Dentist

As we get older, our teeth weaken and become more susceptible to decay, cracking, and staining; if your smile isn’t at its best, crowns can restore your smile. In cases where just a filling or bonding isn’t enough; a crown can make sure that there are no other problems with the tooth. Crowns can be made of porcelain, or of porcelain fused to metal or even gold. For a natural look, porcelain crowns are the best since they can match and appear just like one of your natural teeth.

The crown installation process requires two or three appointments. The first session, your tooth will be reshaped so that the crown can fit over it. A local anesthetic will be administered to prevent any discomfort. A molded impression will be taken of the reshaped tooth and the surrounding teeth so that the new crown will match your smile. Your dentist will fit a temporary crown for you to wear while your permanent crown is being created in the lab to match your teeth.

In two or three weeks, when the new crown is received from the lab, usually in two to three weeks your dentist will install your new crown permanently, and your smile will be refreshed and restored. Crowns match your teeth and are a durable, beautiful cosmetic dental solution and can last up to fifteen years.

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